Richard Wagner's Ring of the Niblung.  Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner's Ring of the Niblung

By Richard Wagner

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The First Norn [Fastening the rope again.] The night wanes, Dark grows my vision; I cannot find The threads of the rope; The strands are twisted and loose. A horrible sight Wildly vexes mine eyes: The Rhinegold That black Alberich stole. Knowest thou more thereof? The Second Norn [With laborious haste winds the rope round the jagged rock at the mouth of the cave.] The rock 's sharp edge Is cutting the rope; The threads loosen Their hold and grow slack; They droop tangled and frayed. From woe and wrath Rises the Nibelung 's ring A curse of revenge Ruthlessly gnaws at the strands:-- Canst thou the end foretell? The Third Norn [Hastily catching the rope which is thrown to her.] The rope is too short, Too loose it hangs; It must be stretched, Pulled straighter, before Its end can reach to the north! [She pulls hard at the rope, which breaks.] It breaks! The Second Norn It breaks! The Third Norn It breaks! [They take the pieces of broken rope and bind their bodies together with them.] The Three Norns So ends wisdom eternal! The wise ones Will utter no more. Descend to Erda! Descend! [They vanish. The dawn grows brighter; the firelight from the valley gradually fades. Sunrise; then broad daylight.]

Richard Wagner

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  • March 25, 2015
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