The Poems And Prose Of  Charles Baudelaire.  Charles Baudelaire

The Poems And Prose Of Charles Baudelaire

By Charles Baudelaire

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Baudelaire is a masculine poet. He carved rather than sang; the plastic arts spoke to his soul. A lover and maker of images. Like Poe, his emotions transformed themselves into ideas. Bourget classified him as mystic, libertine, and analyst. He was born with a wound in his soul, to use the phrase of P ère Lacordaire. Recall Baudelaire 's prayer: "Thou, O Lord, my God, grant me the grace to produce some fine lines which will prove to myself that I am not the last of men, that I am not inferior to those I contemn. " Individualist, egoist, anarchist, his only thought was letters. Jules Laforgue thus described Baudelaire: "Cat, Hindoo, Yankee, Episcopal, Alchemist. " Yes, an alchemist who suffocated in the fumes he created. He was of Gothic imagination, and could have said with Rolla: "Je suis venu trop tard dans un monde trop vieux. " He had an unassuaged thirst for the absolute. The human soul was his stage, he its interpreting orchestra.

Charles Baudelaire

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