Jesus Christ Cyberstar.  Arianna Dagnino

Jesus Christ Cyberstar

By Arianna Dagnino

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In the great sea of the web the prophesy “Blessed are the last for they shall be first” is coming true. Not in another life, but in this one. Not in another world but in another dimension. There, in the Beyondscreen, people are judged on their integrity, their uniqueness as human beings, and their resources of mind and spirit rather than on social class, race, sexual preference or gender. A “bible for web practitioners”. A hundred or so pages written in the blunt, aphoristic and inspired stile of the Net. Provocative. Heresy, possibly. But a heresy which in four “digital precepts” restores the basic values advocated by a hero of yesterday and tomorrow named Jesus. An “open” work fed by the thoughts of many. And one which, in order to live, must be nourished by all of you, the angels of a new digital heaven. As a collective work, it is not just the thinking of one person, but of all those the author read and met (virtually) online.

Arianna Dagnino

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  • IPOC Italian Path of Culture
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  • October 1, 2011
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  • Familia y Relaciones
    Computación e Informática
    No ficción Juvenil

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