Before sunrise and just after.  Rosalia Messina

Before sunrise and just after

By Rosalia Messina

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Scenes of everyday life, in which the unexpected is always lying in wait, announced by a letter, a chance meeting, or an apparently insignificant detail that awakes distant memories or reveals unimaginable secrets. With irony and affection, the author describes the difficult decisions of characters who are all too human, for whom winning or losing, staying or fleeing, keeping control or losing it, is the matter of a moment. The author Rosalia Messina is from Sicily, where she was born in 1955, in Palermo. She lives and works in Catania. Before sunrise and just after, her first work, is a collection of eighteen short stories, published in Italy by Perrone editore and as an ebook by Youcanprint. Her other publications include Più avanti di qualche passo (Città del sole edizioni).

Rosalia Messina

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  • May 15, 2013
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