Writing Beyond the Silence.  Libera Università dell'Autobiografia

Writing Beyond the Silence

By Libera Università dell'Autobiografia

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This methodological Manual, that is the final product of the Project ?Writing beyond the Silence. Promoting autobiographical competences to help survivors of gender violence? (co-funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Daphne III program), addresses public organizations and institutions that wish to use the autobiographical approach in the supporting and listening work they do by adopting and implementing the good practices produced by the Project. The main goal of the Manual is to be a tool for educators and trainers, for the counselors who work in facilities that provide support to women who have experienced violence. The Manual presents methods that may be further developed and fine-tuned but they undoubtedly are a valid starting point for the introduction of new practices based on the real experience of all those who for a long time have been working with skills and sensitivity in the helping professions.

Libera Università dell'Autobiografia

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