Human Bullets. A Soldier's Story of Port Arthur.  Tadayoshi Sakurai

Human Bullets. A Soldier's Story of Port Arthur

The pleasure of reading

By Tadayoshi Sakurai

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The first victory by an Asian power over a European one since the Mongol invasions of the 13th Century: that 's why the impact of the Russo-Japanese War, dated 1904-05, was so huge. The great spirit of the Japanese people was a key factor in the victory, helped them to overcome an enemy who was superior in numbers and war technology. Human Bullets was written by Tadyoshi Sakurai, a junior officer in the Japanese campaign against Port Arthur, a free port owned by Russians in China. It 's not only an engaging story of combat and a great source of insights about an immensely influentienal conflict, but also a fascinating introduction to the meanings of the traditional Japanese spirit. Japanese soldiers were in fact the emperor 's human bullets, whose only goal was to strike the enemy despite of self-preservation. A fascinating glimpse into prevailing nationalistic and militaristic attitudes in early-twentieth-century Japan.

Tadayoshi Sakurai