Managing a project with Microsoft Project 2010.  Biagio

Managing a project with Microsoft Project 2010

By Eugenio Rambaldi , Rosario D’Auria , Biagio

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This eBook serves both as a support for those who attend an advanced Microsoft Project 2010 course and for all those who decide to analyze the “dynamics” of managing a project by using Microsoft Project 2010 in an advanced mode. One of the "propulsion engines" of our literary work was to provide the readers with a userfriendly product, usable on any digital support (smarthphone, tablet, PC…), instead of a “classic” complex and lengthy Microsoft Project manual. This product is based on our original Recall Map technique, a mix of graphic/intuitive/evocative images and Microsoft Project screen shots, useful for a smart and lasting memorization of the essential concepts of the software itself.