My Path to Atheism.  Annie Besant

My Path to Atheism

By Annie Besant

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The Essays which form the present book have been written at intervals during the last five years, and are now issued in a single volume without alterations of any kind. I have thought it more useful & mdash;as marking the gradual growth of thought & mdash;to reprint them as they were originally published, so as not to allow the later development to mould the earlier forms. The essay on "Inspiration " is, in part, the oldest of all; it was partially composed some seven years ago, and re-written later as it now stands. The first essay on the "Deity of Jesus of Nazareth " was written just before I left the Church of England, and marks the point where I broke finally with Christianity. I thought then, and think still, that to cling to the name of Christian after one has ceased to be the thing is neither bold nor straightforward, and surely the name ought, in all fairness, to belong to those historical bodies who have made it their own during many hundred years. A Christianity without a Divine Christ appears to me to resemble a republican army marching under a royal banner & mdash;it misleads both friends and foes. Believing that in giving up the deity of Christ I renounced Christianity, I place this essay as the starting-point of my travels outside the Christian pale.

Annie Besant

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