Quo Vadis.  Henryk Sienkiewicz

Quo Vadis

By Henryk Sienkiewicz

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PETRONIUS woke only about midday, and as usual greatly wearied. The evening before he had been at one of Nero 's feasts, which was prolonged till late at night. For some time his health had been failing. He said himself that he woke up benumbed, as it were, and without power of collecting his thoughts. But the morning bath and careful kneading of the body by trained slaves hastened gradually the course of his slothful blood, roused him, quickened him, restored his strength, so that he issued from the el & aelig;othesium, that is, the last division of the bath, as if he had risen from the dead, with eyes gleaming from wit and gladness, rejuvenated, filled with life, exquisite, so unapproachable that Otho himself could not compare with him, and was really that which he had been called, & mdash;arbiter elegantiarum. He visited the public baths rarely, only when some rhetor happened there who roused admiration and who was spoken of in the city, or when in the ephebias there were combats of exceptional interest.

Henryk Sienkiewicz

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  • Cuentos de Hadas y Mitología

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