They Don’t Teach You How to Get Rich at School.  Laura Maya

They Don’t Teach You How to Get Rich at School

By Laura Maya

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Sick of Hearing the Same Old Advice ? " Word Hard , Control your expenses , Credit Card is a "No , NO " Do not get into Debt !! Debunk all those assumptions that you will be Rich if you study hard and work hard . This Book is actually not one of those .They don ’t teach you how to get rich at school is all about the importance of money. The premise of the book clearly distinguishes the difference between the thinking of the rich and the poor. In essence, the only limitation between you and the rich is in your own mind, and achieving success lies in breaking these walls. At schools, you would have been stuck at algebra, pythagorean theorem, and organic chemistry but you never study financial planning, making money, or saving money. The book provides real-life examples to reprogram your thinking to that of the rich and wealthy. you can 't just graduate and leave formal education and expect yourself to be financially well equipped. Many people think that having a good education is sufficient to the roads to acquire new wealth , well they can 't be any more wrong! It is having the mindset of the wealthy that will make you rich. That is why many lotto winners who becomes instant millionaires loses most of their money because they don 't have the proper mindset to maintain or grow their money. You ’ll discover why some of your money beliefs might be wrong and that could be holding you back , you need to consider what are the principles and what behaviors the rich have , that you do not have (Yet ) Laura Maya takes this idea and breaks it into twelve chapters. You wouldn ’t find a recipe to turn rich overnight. Rather, the book provides a solid foundation for setting the psychological stage for strong financial habits. Another feature of They don ’t teach you how to get rich at school is the anecdotal references in the book. Laura likes to use lots of anecdotes to illustrate her points and she is quite good at it

Laura Maya

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  • October 21, 2015
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