Fire in the Blood.  Barbara Cartland

Fire in the Blood

The Eternal Collection

By Barbara Cartland

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Impoverished and lonely but contented enough to live with her much-loved Nanny in the now-empty family home, shy, unworldly Pandia sorely misses her recently deceased father – the handsome Hungarian scholar and writer. When Selene, the capricious twin sister, who abandoned them years before, appears out of the blue Pandia is amazed, then appalled when Selene announces she's told the Social world that Pandia is dead! She then demands that Pandia impersonates her at a family funeral to cover for Selene's illicit tryst with her lover! Pandia reluctantly agrees and at the Church meets the dashing Lord Silvester Stone, a famous explorer and writer who ignites the 'fire in the blood' she inherited from her father. The passion between them is instant and electric. Pandia knows now that she will love Silvester forever – but how can she tell him that she is not who he thinks she is? Or that they can never ever meet again?

Barbara Cartland