The Neville Goddard Lectures, Volume 1.  Neville Goddard

The Neville Goddard Lectures, Volume 1


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Neville Goddard was one of the most gifted and yet most underrated spiritualists and mystics of his time. His books "Power of Awareness" or "Prayer - The Art of Believing" belong to the best books spiritual readers can find. And so are his lectures. In words very easy to digest and going straight to your heart and soul he shows the way to your own consciousness, to your own new and unique way of living your life from today onwards. His lectures are more powerful than a book with thousands of pages. Read one of them in a few minutes before you go to bed or use them at your own discretion whenever you need Neville's words to continue your daily habits and work. Contents: Have You Found Him? Trust In God God Is Light The Secret Of Prayer Judas, The Revealer The New Christology Test Yourselves Prophetic Sketches Yours For The Taking A Movement Within God

Neville Goddard