Wonders of the Himalaya.  Francis Younghusband

Wonders of the Himalaya


By Francis Younghusband

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Francis Younghusband was barely twenty years old when he set out in search of "the true spirit of the Himalayas". Written forty years later, this book takes a retrospective look at the two expeditions he made between 1886 and 1889 for which the Royal Geographic Society awarded him its Gold Medal. The first of these expeditions took him from Peking to Kashmir via a route that was 5,500 kilometers long. In the second, he explored the uncharted Karakoram and Pamir passes. Previously unpublished in Spanish, this work conveys with serenity the passion of his youth and the satisfaction he derived from those vast Himalayan landscapes. The present edition commemorates the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of its author's birth.

Francis Younghusband