A Joy Forever.  John Ruskin

A Joy Forever

By John Ruskin

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The title of this book, & mdash;or, more accurately, of its subject; & mdash;for no author was ever less likely than I have lately become, to hope for perennial pleasure to his readers from what has cost himself the most pains, & mdash;will be, perhaps, recognised by some as the last clause of the line chosen from Keats by the good folks of Manchester, to be written in letters of gold on the cornice, or Holy rood, of the great Exhibition which inaugurated the career of so many, & mdash;since organized, by both foreign governments and our own, to encourage the production of works of art, which the producing nations, so far from intending to be their "joy for ever, " only hope to sell as soon as possible. Yet the motto was chosen with uncomprehended felicity: for there never was, nor can be, any essential beauty possessed by a work of art, which is not based on the conception of its honoured permanence, and local influence, as a part of appointed and precious furniture, either in the cathedral, the house, or the joyful thoroughfare, of nations which enter their gates with thanksgiving, and their courts with praise.

John Ruskin

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