Growing Old with Honey Bun.  Anthony  Panico

Growing Old with Honey Bun

By Anthony Panico

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Man ’ s best friend – that special dog that becomes a part of the family and a part of one ’ s life – is a treasure. Anthony Panico had two very special best friends that brought joy to his life and his story is a personal narration of his experience with his prized pups. Goldie was a six-month-old puppy when Panico found her tied to a tree. Rescuing her proved to be one of the best friendships of his life. The two became inseparable; wherever he went, Goldie was by his side, for 14 years. When Goldie ’ s life came to an end, Panico believed he ’ d never find a canine companion to take her place. Panico ’ s wife knew the only way to remedy her husband ’ s depression was to find him another companion and she did so with Honey Bun, a two-month-old yellow Labrador. Honey Bun became Goldie ’ s "eplacement," and for the next 13 years, Panico and his pet have been constant companions – one an "old man" of 84, the other a 13-year-old dog – sharing day-to-day activities, growing old together, and finding an unbreakable bond that sustained them both until Honey Bun's last day. This personal journal, filled with hope, heartbreak and love, is a beautiful representation of how these magnificent creatures bring out the best in us.

Anthony Panico

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