Something Went Wrong? Right!.  Alan Robert Pence

Something Went Wrong? Right!

By Alan Robert Pence

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Something Went Wrong? / Right! Real Studies of Leadership in Cross-Cultural Ministry consists of 37 brief stories that originate from the cross-cultural development and leadership work of linguistic experts Alan Robert Pence and his wife, Patricia. After each story, discussion sections feature leadership issues and relevant scriptures. This is a comprehensive training resource for those going into leadership in cross-cultural ministry and in other nonprofit organizations. Alan Robert Pence and his wife began training and service with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International in 1956. Following their arrival in Papua, New Guinea in 1959, they worked with the Kunimaipa (Gajili) Language Group as linguists and translators. In their five-year assignment, Alan learned to speak Kunimaipa, analyzed the grammar, compiled a dictionary, researched and got approval for an alphabet, and translated an abridged form of the book of Genesis. If you believe that experience is the best teacher, Al Pence’s collection of real situations over many years is a ‘must read’ for anyone involved in or interested in international mission work. His ability to link real world situations to biblical references for guidance is outstanding. – Gerald Van Eeckhout, Retired Executive and Professor, University of Shanghai

Alan Robert Pence

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