Living with Illness.  Kristine Martin-McDonald

Living with Illness

By Alexandra McCarthy, Cath Rogers-Clark, Kristine Martin-McDonald

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Living with Illness: Psychosocial Challenges focuses on developing and strengthening understanding of the illness experience. It encourages students to critically appraise conventional approaches to understanding and caring for those who are ill, to empower readers to off true holistic care and to, where appropriate, change nursing practice in light of current research findings. Traditionally nurses have drawn on knowledge from sociology and psychology as two separate but related disciplines to nursing, leaving the beginning level nurse to relate, integrate and translate knowledge gained into nursing practice. Living with Illness combines, in a unique way, sociological and psychological perspectives to creatively represent psychosocial knowledge that is innovative and directly applicable to contemporary nursing practice. Provides a fresh innovative approach to the teaching of psychosocial nursing through extensive use of nursing research and theory. Emphasis will be the voices of those living with illness with extensive use of case studies to illustrate theoretical perspectives being discussed. Examines how people's experiences with health and illness are influenced by families, communities and health care systems. Provides link between foundations of sociology, psychology and nursing practice.

Kristine Martin-McDonald

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