A Plastic Exercise.  Linda Buenfil Canto

A Plastic Exercise

By Lázaro Droznes, Linda Buenfil Canto (Traductor)

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This work of fiction recreates the days of the year 1932 in which, David Siqueiros, a painter committed with communism and art as an instrument of the Revolution, agrees to paint a mural illustrating nude women in the basement of in the country house known as Los Granados, which belonged to the newspaper mogul Natalio Botana, owner of the Crítica, against all his ideological principles. The wife of the painter, Blanca Luz Brum, is the model used in the mural. once the project is over, Blanca leaves Siqueiros and falls in love with Natalio Botana. Siqueiros returns to Mexico deported from Argentina and a year later Luz abandons Botana. Fifty years later the property is bought to extract the mural from the abandoned basement and sell it in the international market. As a consequence of legal problems the art piece is held for 15 years at various warehouses in the Puerto de Buenos Aires and finally is expropriated by the Argentinian Government to be restored and exhibited to the public during the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Argentina. This fiction recreates the situations that accompanied this extraordinary story which reflects Argentina in the 1930’s and the round of couples that was its leitmotiv.

Linda Buenfil Canto

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  • June 23, 2016
  • Biografía y autobiografía / General

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