Shine On... You, Crazy Diamond.  Fernando Bastos Gomes and Julie Gunn

Shine On... You, Crazy Diamond

By ZACCARIA FABIO, Fernando Bastos Gomes and Julie Gunn (Traductor)

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BOOK DESCRIPTION A short essay on the music of Pink Floyd. This is not just a purely biographical text or a general overview of the band from London. This is a work focused on the study of a specific composition, which restricts the scope for one of the most emblematic suite songs of Pink Floyd’s discography: Shine On, You Crazy Diamond. It is a starting point for a reflection on popular music in general, compared to the music of all time. Through a detailed analysis of the harmonic and melodic aspects of the first 5 parts of the song (Parts I-V), described in a virtual journey way, this work aims to testify to the compositional genius of Pink Floyd (with a whole chapter devoted to guitarist David Gilmour) which is empowered to gather within itself, today, all the key elements of the entire musical stylistic heritage of the last 60 years of popular music worldwide. Starting with a brief introduction to their artistic life and a historiographical record of the band, the text quickly turns into a work of research and study, based on three aspects: formal, compositional and evocative/emotional. It is a stimulating basis for study and research. For musicians (especially guitarists), for committed students or already professionals who wish to go deeper in the knowledge of the musical world of these artists, whether they want in a more general way, compare with other analysis of the composition made previously or subsequently. It is a useful tool for study and for a more conscious musical and less purely imitative performance. A reading, finally, that although containing different complex parts from the viewpoint of the musical technique is also addressed in large extent to the avid reader, although not a musician, allowing him to discover the immense, fascinating and complex "parallel world" that exists behind all that was listened to in life and is listened to every day...

Fernando Bastos Gomes and Julie Gunn

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  • February 12, 2017
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