A Beautiful Loser.  Lizzy Eliot

A Beautiful Loser

By Lizzy Eliot

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On a gambling trip to Reno Nancy loses big. To keep her husband from finding out she agrees to pay off her debt, coming back to screw Paul, the casino manager, or whoever he chooses. He”s rough and sexy, and she experiences the worlds of bondage and kink as he, his friends, and clients do her in every way. She starts looking toward her visits and longs to escape her ‘regular’ life. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ I knew I’d catch hell. George had a thing about gambling being for stupid people and we couldn’t afford to buy another car. He’d have to borrow the money. I knew he’d treat me like I was an idiot for a long time. Now I looked at Paul, hoping my sad story was in my eyes. “I can’t tell him.” Paul shrugged. “Okay. How do you think you’ll avoid that?” Not knowing made me feel weak. I sat back in the chair. “Couldn’t you give me a little time to get the money? I mean, you keep the title, just let me drive it home. I’ll sign a note that says it’s yours. You can notarize it. If I don’t get the money, then it’s yours. If I do, then everyone is happy.” Paul shook his head. “This casino is owned by a corporation. The books are settled at the end of the week, every week. That’s tomorrow. The money has to be in the bank or the title to an asset in the safe. They don’t loan money and there are no exceptions.” I felt like I was going to cry. Paul got out of his chair and came around to sit on the desk, looking at me. “Think about it. If I agreed and you decided not to pay, we’d have to hire someone to repo the car. That increases our losses and I don’t get paid to lose the casino money.” Paul leaned forward and touched my hair. “I’ll bet you could get a personal loan. Such a beautiful loser must have friends.” “What?” “Get someone to loan you the money. Call friends or whatever.” “At three in the morning?” He grinned. I looked at him. The guy seemed to like me a little. At least he wasn’t being an asshole about this and he knew how things worked. I couldn’t accept that there wasn’t some other way to work this out. “My husband will be home late tomorrow and I don’t dare go home without my car. Please, Paul, could you help me? You, not the casino?” He tipped his head to the side, giving me a sly look. I think he was evaluating his leverage. “I suppose that might be possible.” I grabbed at the straw he held out. “Would you?” “Well, as it turns out, I got a bonus check last week and it’s sitting in the bank right now.” He touched his cheek and let his eyes run over me. “We might work something out.” I knew I might be digging the hole I was in deeper. He could demand some outrageous interest rate or some shit, but I was desperate. I had to get through this. Later I’d work out how to get money to pay off the loan. But for now… I gave him my most flirtatious smile. “Please?” “We’d need to sign an agreement that you would pay the money back in twelve monthly installments…in cash.” “Okay.” I’d expected that. He sat there on his desk, thinking. “I won’t charge any interest as such, but there is a loan initiation fee and a payment requirement.” “That’s no help, Paul. You know I’m broke.” He leaned forward and put his hand under my chin, tipping my head up. “You have lovely olive skin, dark eyes, black hair.” The back of his hand touched my cheek in a gentle caress. “My mother is Italian…I’m half Italian.” “Italian.” He said it in a dreamy way. “The thing is, Nancy, a beautiful loser like you has assets that you can convert into cash.”

Lizzy Eliot

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  • Published:
  • September 10, 2016
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