Cream Filled Mother-in-Law.  R.m. Dexter

Cream Filled Mother-in-Law

By R.m. Dexter

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DESCRIPTION An unexpected snow storm has left this voluptuous mother stranded—along with her daughter and son-in-law! Now, Carole’s eager to discover how such a handsome younger man actually seduced her daughter. When her daughter voices some forbidden and telling desires of her own, will this mother-in-law find herself experiencing the kind of taboo threesome that makes her beg for more? EXCERPT Spencer watched as his gorgeous mother-in-law leaned forward, her deliciously soft lips pressing against his swollen glans, her lips now spreading out and sliding down over the flaring contours of the broad mushroom head until finally, they slipped over the rope-like coronal ridge, trapping the head of his surging prick inside her hot wet mouth. He felt her tongue roll warmly over his enflamed knob, her hot saliva bathing his leaking cockhead lovingly. He felt her cheeks collapse in as she sucked, the tip of her tongue now probing at the wet red eye, wanting more of his syrupy cock-sap. He felt a pulse go through his steely-hard cock, and knew he’d fed her more of the delectable nectar she was sucking for. “Mmmm,” Carole mewed again, feeling the silky fluid ooze onto her tongue. “That’s it, Mom, suck it out of him,” Peri said encouragingly. “I can tell he’s gonna cum soon, and I want you to swallow it all, every warm creamy drop. Do you understand?” “Um-hum.” Carole hummed her agreement into Spencer’s body as she worshipped his rock-hard cock with her hot mature mouth. She was sucking sluttishly now as she instinctively started to bob her head up and down, surrendering to the cock-sucking desires within her. “That’s a good girl,” Peri said, giving Spencer a sly wink as she turned back, looking down at her mother, the older woman’s mouth sucking possessively at her husband’s cock. “Now take your hand off, Mom, let me jack him off right into your mouth. I want to make sure you get as much of that hot cum as possible.” Spencer watched as Carole slipped her circling fingers off his cock and brought them to her breasts...

R.m. Dexter

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9781370388455
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • September 18, 2016
  • Romance
    Ficción / General
    Ficción General

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