Serving Daddy's Partner - Daddy's Hot Maid No.2.  Lizzy Eliot

Serving Daddy's Partner - Daddy's Hot Maid No.2

By Lizzy Eliot

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DESCRIPTION Daddys partner is coming over for the evening and I have to be especially nice to him. Daddy wants him pleased and I know that means hell want me, Maybe theyll both want me. And Mommy will be there, helping me learn how to please Daddy. EXCERPT When I was ready, I presented myself for inspection, standing in front of his chair. He reached over and undid the top buttons on my dress. They didn’t go very high to begin with and now they showed a lot of tit. He took a small jar out of his pocket and opened it. It had some greenish cream in it, and he rubbed it into my nipples. The cream was cool at first, but then burned. I moaned. “Bend over,” he said. I turned my back to him and bent over, putting my hands on my knees so he could see my pussy and ass. As I held that position, he ran his fingers over my exposed ass cheeks. “Spread your legs more,” he said, and when I did he pushed a finger covered with that same cream up through my slit, making it burn. It hurt, but it felt good too. “When you greet them at the door keep your mouth slightly open, like you are ready to take a prick in it. Lick your lips.” “Yes, sir.” “When you aren’t serving drinks or told to do something else, stay close to him.” “How close, sir?” “Close enough so he can touch you wherever he wants.” I felt like squirming, imaging Tom Blaise putting his hands on me. Just before time for them to arrive, Daddy put cream on my nipples and in my pussy again. It burned more strongly this time, and I could tell it was making me more sensitive. It also had me aroused like crazy.

Lizzy Eliot

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9786050483086
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  • Published:
  • July 17, 2016
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