Rosaura Has A Ghost.  Dominic Zugai

Rosaura Has A Ghost

By Miguel Campion, Dominic Zugai (Traductor)

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 “Katarsis” is an amateur theatre group (to put it as kindly as possible) that just gets by on subsidies and whatever else they can get their hands on. Their leader and director, Beatrice, harbours grand plans to put on ambitious works of theatrical art, but they always end up putting on another classical piece for the retirees theatre club in their local area. When Rosaura comes into their lives they believe everything is going to change when she offers them a juicy cheque to perform “Life is Sacred”, written by her dead mother who cannot rest in peace until the play is performed. While the text is a hackneyed pastiche of the Spanish Golden Age with absurd rhymes written by a bitter old lady who made her career in a sausage factory, the money wins out and they decide to perform the piece. Little did they suspect that Rosaura would then demand to perform a role in the play. Not only is she a poor actor with no experience, but she also brings some baggage. Quarrels, ambitions, infidelities, back stabbings, absurdities, ravings and ghostly apparitions abound as we witness the final decadence of a mediocre theatre company. This play debuted in Pamplona on the 8th of April, 2000, in the Escuela Navarra de Teatro. The production by the Xahutondo Theatre Group was extremely well received and was awarded first prize in the Navarra Youth Theatre Awards for that year.

Dominic Zugai

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