Our Ninety-Five Theses.  Justo L. González

Our Ninety-Five Theses

By Alberto L. García, Justo L. González

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Just as in the days of Luther, we are living in a world undergoing enormous changes in the social political, economic, religious, cultural and technological arenas. As in the times of the monk from Wittenberg, these changes also challenge and force the Church to rethink and transform itself. For this reason, the Association for Hispanic Theological Education (AETH for its name in Spanish) considers the publication of this book very relevant. Because it is about commemorating what happened five centuries ago as much as about reliving it in light of our realities. In a very particular way, this book is an invitation to the Church in general and to the Hispanic Church in particular not to forget thesis 55 raised by the authors: "We are not helpless victims, but God's people called to be instrument of his grace, justice and reconciliation."

Justo L. González

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  • December 27, 2015
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