THE WEALTH - A Viking Coming of Age YA Novel.  Richard Marman

THE WEALTH - A Viking Coming of Age YA Novel

By Richard Marman

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The Wealth & mdash; Synopsis From the pen of Richard Marmam, an exceptional Viking Coming of Age YA novel & hellip; & hellip;. While hunting close to his home of Hollowford, fifteen-year-old Henry discovers a pair of mysterious talismans on the bodies of two warriors who ’ve been killed by a wolf pack. Accompanying his mentor Archer, the town reeve, Henry travels throughout his peninsula homeland, investigating the secret amulets. During their adventures Henry and Archer discover the amulets belong to a band of marauders know as Starkmen who plan to attack Hollowford. The Starkmen consider the talismans their wealth which they use as currency. The Starkmen form an alliance with Hollowford ’s arch enemy Olag Blackaxe and his thugs from Velma. After a stiff battle the Hollowford militia defeat Velma ’s horde, but fail to stop the Starkmen kidnapping Ayla and Macayle, wife and daughter of Hollowford chief, Gareth. Macayle escapes, but Ayla is carried off to sea in one of the Starkmen ’s wolf-ships. Without sea-going vessels, Gareth takes five warriors and gives chase overland. Meanwhile Henry and Macayle are joined by mariners Edrid and Anshelm and forge a plan for a seaborne route to track down the Starkmen and save Ayla. A rip-roaring chase ensues with Gartheth ’s veteran warriors meeting enemies aplenty, pitting their wits and strength against all odds. Henry ’s party face an equally dangerous path in their quest to rescue Ayla and thwart the Starkmen. Yet even greater perils lurk at every corner, with each challenge proving more insurmountable that the last. Ultimately our heroes face a seemingly unconquerable foe at the gates of a hostile alien city. With no magic or special skills, Henry must prove his right-of-passage with only his wits, courage and determination. With the friendship of his companions and pet wolf, will Henry survive in a cruel realm which makes no concessions for youth or innocence? Vicious villains are everywhere and Henry seems doomed, but help may be at hand in some surprising places. The Wealth is feast of high adventure, including graphics masterfully illustrated by the author.

Richard Marman