Mom, Will You Take My Virginity?.  Veronica Sloan

Mom, Will You Take My Virginity?

By Veronica Sloan

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DESCRIPTION Joan hasn 't been with a man in four years, and it 's made her a little lonely and very horny. When she discovers that her handsome son Lucas is just as endowed as her late husband, this single mother starts to get very un-motherly thoughts! Excited by his mother 's attention, Lucas has just one special request: Mom, will you take my virginity? EXCERPT I was so wet that the thought occurred to me to just mount my son right then and fuck him for however many seconds it took for him to cum. The sensation would be so new and wonderful to my virgin Lucas that he 'd surely just let me have at it. But I couldn 't do that. I couldn 't fuck my son. But I could use my mouth. I don 't know why that seemed less sinful. Mothers aren 't supposed to have any business with their boys ' private parts - neither oral nor vaginal and certainly not anal. But I 'd convinced myself that helping him in this way would soothe his troubled sleep. If he masturbated himself, he used his hand. How different would that be if it was my hand? And if I used my hand, why not my mouth? Like I said, I wasn 't completely rational in my insomniac state. I was horny, and his cock reminded me so much of his father 's. And Lucas, my poor little Lucas. He wanted this. He 'd told me how badly he wanted to lose his virginity. That 's how bad it was - he 'd told his own mother that. I could help. I could ease his suffering, however temporarily. I took one of his pillows and laid it between his toned thighs. Then I leaned down until I was lying on my belly, propped up by the pillow. I took that massive thing in my hands, and I gave the head a single, tentative lick. No sound from Lucas. Good. Sleep on, my darling. I wrapped my fingers around his warm girth and squeezed. He was so stiff. I moistened again when I thought of this living organ pushing its way inside me. I couldn 't do that, of course, couldn 't cross that taboo line. But I could tongue him. I could lick him. I closed my eyes as my lips suctioned around his head. I thought of the boy 's father, and how much he 'd loved this. I loved going down on men. Maybe that, in the end, is what drew me to this unwholesome pass. I didn 't start out thinking blowjobs were empowering. My first few attempts were messy, unsexy affairs. A guy I was dating roughly pushed my head onto his penis and forced me to bob up and down. It was demeaning, disgusting, and I hated the cum going everywhere. But there was another boy, a man really, who convinced me otherwise. He was older, in his mid-twenties but that seemed so mature back then, and the first time I blew him was around the back of his house while his parents weren 't home. He took his pants off and laid back in a deck sofa by his pool. I got on my knees and, expecting the worst, took him in my mouth. But he didn 't force me, didn 't grab my head. He just moaned like I 'd told him the secret to eternal happiness. He seemed to like it when I licked, so I licked just under his cockhead (as I now did with my son). He moaned aloud (just like Lucas), and softly tangled his fingers in my hair. "Yes, Joan, " he groaned. "That 's fucking perfect. Cup my balls? " I followed his gentle instructions and sucked him off in his backyard. When he came, I was so wet, so ready for him, that I was willing to swallow his bitter semen. It was empowering, I realized.

Veronica Sloan

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  • 9781370310036
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  • June 24, 2017
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