Public Speaking – From Preparation to Presentation.  Silke von Seydlitz

Public Speaking – From Preparation to Presentation

By Silke von Seydlitz

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In a world where you are competing with a myriad of messages, there is one book, written by speech and voice coach Silke von Seydlitz, that will lead you from delivering mediocre talks to present outstanding talks so that you can reach the world with your best message. "Public Speaking – Preparation and Presentation" is for anyone who delivers talks in public, shares devotions with a bible study group, or makes an announcement at a social gathering or sports event. It is for those who facilitate training sessions, preach sermons to congregations, or give inspirational talks at conventions. You will benefit from: - a step-by-step process on how to compile an effective talk - powerful techniques on how to use your breath to create a well-rounded voice - the secrets of confident body-language And you will learn: - how to overcome stage fright - how to develop a rich and pleasant voice for public speaking - how to obtain a relaxed body and mind

Silke von Seydlitz

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  • Oryx Publishers
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  • 9789991678665
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  • August 7, 2017
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