Confused Hearts.  Daniela Domenici

Confused Hearts

By Claudia Piano, Daniela Domenici (Traductor)

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This novel is not a fantasy and doesn’t belong to the saga of “Armonia”. It is located in Liguria between Alassio and Genoa but we’ll make a trip also to London and…a bit around the world. It is a light and romantic story which begins during an afternoon of early Summer. What is it about? Love, intese feelings, sometimes confused, overwhelmed by emotions. The protagonists are a young man and a young woman, friends since ever, engaged in their lives, absorbed by their passions, intent on building their future and dealing with their feelings, but… Let the characters present themselves… “Hello, I am Elisa, I am twenty-five, my friends call me Eli, I am Lili only for him…Fabri, that is, Fabrizio, my friend since ever… “Lili, my Pulcino, let me speak…if we must convince some sweet and adorable girls to read our story I think I am the best suited for this task”. “Sure, sure…how presumptuous he is…” “What? Excuse me?” “Nothing, go on”. “So…what can I tell you? Lili is a wonderful angel, I adore her but she has a very bad taste as regards men or, perhaps, she is a bit unlucky”. “Maybe…” “And what can I say of me? I sing and play in a band in London, girls lose their heads for me. Pay attention not to lose yours too…” “…” “Why are you laughing?” “Oh, nothing…you know I adore you” The plot Elisa and Fabrizio are friends since ever, there has always been a deep and intense feeling but while growing up they have taken a step back. Each of them has followed its own path. Now Elisa is engaged, has got a bookshop at Alassio together with Elena, her best friend, and the role of second bassoon in Carlo Felice orchestra in Genova while Fabrizio works in a multinational in London and plays in a rock band. They have always been best friends and continue

Daniela Domenici

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  • Babelcube Inc.
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  • 9781507185032
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • August 8, 2017
  • Ficción Juvenil

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