The Art of War (Best Navigation, Active TOC) (Cronos Classics).  Cronos Classics

The Art of War (Best Navigation, Active TOC) (Cronos Classics)

By Sun Tzu , Cronos Classics

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This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure! Conflict is an inevitable part of life, according to this ancient Chinese classic of strategy, but everything necessary to respond to conflict wisely, thoroughly, and victoriously is right before us at all times. The key to skillful action in any situation is in knowing those things that make up the environment and then seeing the patterns they form so that their power becomes available to us. It is not necessary to change the nature of things to find victory. Since, as Sun Tzu teaches, aggression and response in kind can lead only to destruction, we must learn to work with conflict in a more profound and effective way. The Art of War shows us how. The Art of War gives us proven strategic skills to apply when we need to take action and overcome obstacles in rapidly changing, chaotic situations. Though ancient in origin, these strategies are accessible because they are based on the ways we already do things.

Cronos Classics

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