Ebony and Crystal .   Clark Ashton Smith

Ebony and Crystal

By Clark Ashton Smith

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Of the Demon who standeth or walketh always with me at my left hand, I asked: "Hast thou seen Beauty? Her that me-seemeth was the mistress of my soul in Eternity? Her that is now beyond question set over me in Time; even though I behold her not, and, it may be, have never beheld, nor ever shall; her of whose aspect I am ignorant as noon is concerning any star; her of whom as witness and testimony, I have found only the hem of her shadow, or at most, her reflection in a dim and troubled water. Answer, if thou canst, and tell me, is she like pearls, or like stars? Does she resemble most the sunlight that is transparent and unbroken, or the sunlight divided into splendour and iris? Is she the heart of the day, or the soul of the night? "

Clark Ashton Smith

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  • Skyline
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  • 9788827524824
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • November 29, 2017
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