Falling In Love At Harrods.  Gwen Simmons

Falling In Love At Harrods

By Vany, Licio, Gwen Simmons (Traductor)

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Paul works as a criminal defense lawyer in London and is about to marry his fiancée Marcia. What he doesn’t expect is Melissa, a fiery Italian girl, and the sinful attraction between them. After a meeting at Harrods, a fight, and a seductive battle of will in a dressing-room at the famous mall, the evening continues on Pauls floor. But it doesn’t end there… The attraction turns into sarcastic and pungent quips, but will they be able to push the other out of their life for good, or does fate have something else in mind for them? Sex, comedy, and romance in a book that will leave you breathless

Gwen Simmons

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