The Dearth of Conversions.  Andrew Murray

The Dearth of Conversions

By Andrew Murray

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THE British Weekly of 10th December had a leading article with the title, "Mark Rutherford on the Dearth of Modern Conversions. " After quoting from the novelist, the writer endorses his opinion that conversions of the old fashioned type are becoming rarer: "In churches that are both prosperous and enterprising, and whose praise is in all the land, conversions, of the old order at least, are unknown. " In answer to the question, "Can any explanation be rendered of the fact? " he reminds us of the influence of the Christian home, as leading men into the Christian life without any abrupt transition. He speaks of the shadow of Darwin resting upon the messenger of peace, and leading men to expect more from slow evolution than from a sudden change. "The spiritual expectations of the Christian Church are restrained by the accepted idea, or at least the expectations, of those who give the keynote to the temper and religious enterprise of our times. " Materialistic views of sin have a share in hindering both effort and expectation.

Andrew Murray

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