Cold Comfort (Malone Mystery Novels Book 3).  Larry Darter

Cold Comfort (Malone Mystery Novels Book 3)

By Larry Darter

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Defense attorney Liz Harper from Los Angeles law firm Ross & amp; Logan pays Malone a visit with an interesting story to tell. Harper 's client, bad-boy actor Zack Sinclair, whose appetites for booze, gambling, and extramarital sex are as out-sized as his ego, has been charged with the murder of his estranged wife, Holly Sutherland, one of Hollywood 's biggest and brightest stars. Sinclair has no alibi, and he is broke. On the hook for a quarter million dollar gambling debt, as her sole heir, he had multi-million reasons to kill his wealthy wife. Harper believes her client is innocent, at least of the murder, and hires Malone to prove it before the case goes to trial. Malone starts investigating. The case quickly gets darker when he uncovers some ugly secrets about the deceased. His search for he truth puts him squarely at odds with a mafioso who tells Malone to drop the case or else. Malone enters into a daring game of cat-and-mouse with the crime boss, a game he might not come out of alive.

Larry Darter