Exceed The Pid Algorithm.  Davide Bibolotti

Exceed The Pid Algorithm

By Davide Bibolotti

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This book will appeal to all those who want to understand the functioning of the PID algorithm and its practical implementation in a microcontroller system . In particular , it will be appreciated by control engineers or embedded software engineers, that want to learn & nbsp; in a simple way, the mathematical engine behind the PID algorithm. However this book is much more than a practical guide on how implementing in standard C code, one of the most common and succesfull industrial algorithm. In fact , this guide reveals an unconventional solution (with an example in C) , that can EXCEDD the performance of a standard PID controller. In the first part, it is introduced the pid algortihm, with a focusing on the mathematical aspects; the goal is to put the reader in the conditions to learn in a simple and intuitive way, the theory of the PID controller. In the second part it is described, by using an example in c code, a method to implement the autotuning functionality In the last part, & nbsp; the author suggests an unconventional solution , to exceed the pid algorithm and set the best trade-off, according & nbsp; to relevant parameters as : software complexity, transient response, flexibility and system stability.

Davide Bibolotti

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  • March 15, 2018
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