The Book of Answers in Rhyme.  Silvia Longhi

The Book of Answers in Rhyme

By Silvia Longhi

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Numerous doubts and questions assail us everyday and we don ’t always have an immediate answer. At times we feel the need to receive a sign from fate in order to know how to proceed. A crystal ball would come in handy sometimes too. is book of answers can be a trusted companion with which to start the day and also to keep in hand during the day. It ’s light hearted, lled with irony and rhymes, and cheerfully illustrated. The Book of Answers in Rhyme will bring a smile to your face and maybe even gently, but resolutely, show you the path to take. Wherever you are, and with whoever you are, you can leaf through it any time you want, as often as you want. You can even consult FinFury ’s crystal ball with a simple click! Do that at your own risk though! Because in FinFury ’s crazy world, there ’s no rhyme or reason. Finfury uses all her senses, but the one she uses most is the seventh: the sense of humour, and life is in dire need of humour.

Silvia Longhi