Studies in the Evolutionary Psychology of Feeling .  Hiram M. Stanley

Studies in the Evolutionary Psychology of Feeling

By Hiram M. Stanley

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This work does not profess to be a treatise on the subject of feeling, but merely a series of studies, and rather tentative ones at that. I have attempted to deduce from the standpoint of biologic evolution the origin and development of feeling, and then to consider how far introspection confirms these results. I am well aware that I traverse moot points & mdash;what points in psychology are not moot? & mdash;and I trust that the position taken will receive thorough criticism. I should be very glad to have new facts adduced, whatever way they may bear. I have no theory to defend, but the results offered are simply the best interpretation I have as yet been able to attain.

Hiram M. Stanley

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  • August 9, 2018
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