What Happened To Jamie?.  Abes Wattsman

What Happened To Jamie?

By Abes Wattsman

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DESCRIPTION: He brought back life into my world when I was about to give up on life itself. Then when I was fully set and ready to be with him, he wasn & #39;t there anymore. What happened to my stepson, Jamie? Something happened to take him away. Till this very day, I still don & rsquo;t know what happened. Jamie, after he visited me at my house and we made out on the kitchen table, left. I never saw him again. EXCERPT: His eyes were the brightest I & rsquo;d ever seen. His height was an impressive 5 foot 10. He had a neatly trimmed mustache and a look that told me, he had it all. He probably was in his fifties. After all I wasn & rsquo;t that young myself being a forty-two year old woman. Then he came forward. & quot;Looks like they offer more than just a drink here. & quot; he said boldly. & quot;The wine is good if that & #39;s what you mean & quot; & quot;I know. But I just feel this place hasn & #39;t been more generous to me than it is right now, & quot; he said. He couldn & #39;t take his eyes off me. Noticing his gaze I looked away. & quot;I & #39;m not on the list if that & #39;s what you mean. & quot; I said. He laughed & quot;I never said that & quot; he replied. I loved his approach and I was beginning to smile. Then he went to the bar and ordered a glass of wine and came to sit down with me. & quot;Life moves us to meet the people that will make a difference in our lives, & quot; & quot;Really? & quot; & nbsp; I asked him. & quot;I didn & #39;t think I & #39;d meet you but here I am with you. & quot; & quot;I & #39;m generous this time. You won & #39;t get a second chance next time. & quot; I replied. As he slowly sipped his wine he observed me. & quot;You know what? & quot; he suddenly asked. I looked at him & quot;What? & quot; & quot;I don & #39;t need a second chance. & quot; This was surprising as I had never had any man tell me he wouldn & #39;t want to see me again. But here was this guy bold, determined and it was like he knew what he wanted. & quot;There won & #39;t be a second chance like I said. & quot; I repeated. & quot;Then I & #39;m going to take this first shot and make it my best shot ever. & quot; I laughed when he said that. It made him laugh too. We sat there talking and drinking until he told me he had finally met the woman he had been looking for, for so long. & nbsp;

Abes Wattsman

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  • August 29, 2018
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