Do You Know Who You Are?.  Jaroslaw Jankowski

Do You Know Who You Are?

By Jaroslaw Jankowski

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Which of the sixteen personality types is yours? Are you an energetic and decisive & lsquo;administrator & rsquo;? A sensitive and creative & lsquo;artist & rsquo;? Or a dazzling and analytical & lsquo;logician & rsquo;, perhaps? It & rsquo;s an intriguing question and the ID16 Personality Test will lead you to the answer & hellip; and armed with what you discover, you & rsquo;ll understand yourself and others far better! ID16 is a personality typology which draws on the theory developed by Carl Gustav Jung. Typologies formulated on the basis of Jung & rsquo;s theory are widely used in teaching, training, coaching and human resource management, as well as in career and relationship counselling. They also form a basis for numerous programmes supporting personal development and improving interpersonal relationships. The majority of global businesses employ Jungian personality tests as a standard tool in their recruitment procedures and vocational development processes. This book is part of the ID16 Personality Types series. READERS & rsquo; COMMENTS & ldquo;I wish I & rsquo;d known about this some twenty or so years ago. My life would look very different today. & rdquo; & ldquo;I came to know myself better. It was well worth the time! & quot; & ldquo;It surprised me, but it also enabled me to understand some of my feelings and reactions. & rdquo;

Jaroslaw Jankowski

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