Do You Know Who You Are?.  Jaroslaw Jankowski

Do You Know Who You Are?

By Jaroslaw Jankowski

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Which of the sixteen personality types is yours? Are you an energetic and decisive & lsquo;administrator ’? A sensitive and creative & lsquo;artist ’? Or a dazzling and analytical & lsquo;logician ’, perhaps? It ’s an intriguing question and the ID16 Personality Test will lead you to the answer & hellip; and armed with what you discover, you ’ll understand yourself and others far better! ID16 is a personality typology which draws on the theory developed by Carl Gustav Jung. Typologies formulated on the basis of Jung ’s theory are widely used in teaching, training, coaching and human resource management, as well as in career and relationship counselling. They also form a basis for numerous programmes supporting personal development and improving interpersonal relationships. The majority of global businesses employ Jungian personality tests as a standard tool in their recruitment procedures and vocational development processes. This book is part of the ID16 Personality Types series. READERS ’ COMMENTS "I wish I ’d known about this some twenty or so years ago. My life would look very different today. " "I came to know myself better. It was well worth the time! " "It surprised me, but it also enabled me to understand some of my feelings and reactions. "

Jaroslaw Jankowski

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