Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology.  S. Nayak

Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology

By U. K. Jain , D. C. Goupale , S. Nayak

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Packaging technology has become a separate subject in pharmaceutical sciences due to its vital applications in preserving therapeutic efficacy of drugs. The subject was less understood earlier due to non-availability of complete information. This book presents detailed account in the form of a specialized book on the subject.       Blisters and strips packaging are of growing importance and so a chapter is included on this topic. Parenteral, and ophthalmic products need sterilized packaging, therefore a chapter covering unique features for sterilizing packaging materials has been included. A chapter on regulatory aspects of Pharmaceutical packaging has also been added. Our Reader’s demand motivated us to include a chapter on Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) packaging technology in upcoming second edition of this book. Salient Features ·            Each chapter is arranged to facilitate the effortless flow of information in simple, motivating, and commonsensical approach. ·            Detailed physico-chemical information on raw material e.g. glass, plastic, polymers, metals etc. used in Pharmaceutical packaging is presented ·            More informative emphasize has been made on Pharmaceutical packaging design based on characteristic properties of materials used in packaging.   ·            A chapter on quality control and stability testing of packages explains the shelf-life concern aspects of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)

S. Nayak

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