Words, Words, Words: Philology and Beyond.  Thomas Honegger

Words, Words, Words: Philology and Beyond

By Sarah Chevalier (Editor), Thomas Honegger (Editor)

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This Festschrift comprises a series of papers written in honour of the philologist Andreas Fischer, on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday. As in Andreas Fischer's own research, the main focus of the volume is on words: words in modern varieties, such as emergent conjunctions in Australian, American and British English, words in their cultural and historical context, such as English keywords in Old Norse literature, and words in a diachronic perspective, such as Romance suffixation in the history of English. Many contributions are anchored in the philological tradition that has informed much of Andreas Fischer's own scholarship, such as the study of verbal duelling in the late thirteenth-century romance Kyng Alisaunder. Others examine the construction ofdiscourses, such as those surrounding the Black Death. The volume, with its innovative studies,offers fascinating insights into words, discourses,and their contexts, both past and present.

Thomas Honegger