Portrait Of Life.  Barbara Henze

Portrait Of Life

By Alfonso Tirado, Barbara Henze (Traductor)

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Portrait of Life, is the novel with which Alfonso Tirado reincorporates his artistic talent to the world of narrative. For those who have enjoyed his works before, it will come as no surprise to see the spirit of a man who has traveled  the world, coming from this author. His narrative, agile and ingenious, with a very precise language, allows you to go through its pages with the certainty of being on the right path and enjoy reading each chapter. Portrait of Life, is a novel that blends the eternal insurmountable love, treated as the phenomenon in itself with what occurs between different members of an elite, which amalgamates that of the artistic and social worlds of New York City. In the story they live the sublime moments of unexpected love between a painter and his model. The memories, the sufferings and the successes of a Russian ballet dancer in New York and the episodes of violence and corruption of the Mafia, in a relationship that brings the protagonists to unpredictable levels.   The author takes us through the story, with occasionally erudite descriptions, which are intertwined in a temporality, which is sometimes chaotic, to finally culminate in the drama that is captured in a portrait of the ballerina, which keeps evidence, not only of her artistic personality, but also of the love story between two beings of exquisite sensitivity.

Barbara Henze

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  • Babelcube Inc.
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  • 9781547528288
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • November 14, 2018
  • Drama / General

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