Unlocking  the  Blockchain Potential .  Dwayne Anderson

Unlocking the Blockchain Potential

By Dwayne Anderson

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Unlocking the Blockchain Potential While the current buzz over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are hard to ignore, It is becoming an urgent task to Unlocking the Blockchain Potential , & hellip; & hellip;.in order to understand the underlying technology that makes the trade of bitcoins possible Blockchain technology is the virtual, public ledger that records everything in a secure and transparent matter. The benefits of blockchain are more than big enough to sustain its relevance for years to come, unlike the cryptocurrency it was designed to support Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have become the talk of the town because they ’ve accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in value in just a few short years. Underneath these popular cryptocurrencies lies the blockchain technology, which combines cryptography with decentralized record keeping to create the first concept of digital property, that allows people to create unique, specific assets online. Creating a digital asset that is backed by blockchain technology is unique in that it can ’t be copied or moved, which will change how the Internet will operate. More and more people are looking to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in hopes of making it rich. While the buzz and hype surrounding cryptocurrency doesn ’t seem like it is going to die down anytime soon, the underlying foundation of Bitcoin, is starting to take center stage.. It is clear that blockchain technology is making strides in different industries outside of cryptocurrency. While most people are ready for decentralized ledgers, the progress of blockchain technology means it probably won ’t be too far off from becoming mainstream.

Dwayne Anderson

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