Healing From Anxiety.  Laurent Lacherez

Healing From Anxiety

By Laurent Lacherez

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Laurent Lacherez, NLP therapist (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and author of the best-sellers Lanxiété, comment sen sortir and LArt de lâcher prise, offers you now, Healing from Anxiety, to succeed in your life. As soon as anxiety appears, you lose your full ability to act in the desired direction and you feed worry at the expense of intent.  In order to regain the upper hand on anxiety, I have developed this book to offer you reflections and solutions divided into three main themes: 1.  Get out of the vicious circle Understanding how you are trapped in anxiety and how it works is the first step to getting out of this vicious circle. 2.  Counterattacking Anxiety Learn to better manage your fears.  By giving less importance to your anxieties, you will develop more realistic ideas and a philosophy of life that will restore your confidence. 3.  From paralysis to action Taking control of your life will make it easier for you to feel good about yourself and others.  You increase your confidence and take action more easily by adapting to situations.

Laurent Lacherez

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