"Nature shadows" The spirit of winter

By Miss Barson

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"NATURE SHADOWS " - The spirit of winter is a modest tribute to mother nature, focused on the period of the year when everything seems to stop and listen to the warm silence of the soul. The author has collected in this work a series of shots taken during the winter promenades with her beloved doggies. Miss Barson captured her first pictures at the tender age of sixteen using a small camera belonging to her beloved Aunt Anna. A few months later, thanks to a summer job, she had purchased her own camera and began to immortalize mainly places and people during holiday periods. Always interested in customs and traditions of different nationalities "can be defined her as an urban photographer ". Whilst dream never materialized, what to become a war-sent photojournalist soon gave way was a decidedly quieter life as a European projects assistant for Social Policies. She loves electronic music and lives with two small pinschers, Martha and In ès. Cover picture: Grey heron "The Motherfucker " in the mirror - Mystic River 2018

Miss Barson

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  • December 21, 2018
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