An Introduction to Formal Logic.  Richard L Epstein

An Introduction to Formal Logic

Logic, Language, and the World

By Richard L Epstein

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• Intended for a course for beginning students in philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, or computer science. • Motivation for each formal concept and each step in building a formal logic in terms of formalizing reasoning. Provides a conception of formal logic and not just a collection of results. Summaries at important junctures in the book keep students aware of what they're doing and where they're going. • Hundreds of exercises that teach. • Criteria of formalization with many examples of formalizing ordinary language reasoning in an example-analysis format. • A complete course: syntax, semantics, and completeness theorems for classical propositional logic and classical predicate logic, and syntax and semantics for second-order classical predicate logic, along with an appendix on Aristotelian logic.

Richard L Epstein