Taylor Loves Daddy.  A.J. Mayes

Taylor Loves Daddy

By A.J. Mayes

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DESCRIPTION: Taylor is a young sexually frustrated woman, tired of vanilla sex. She 'd just finished her masters and broke up with her boyfriend later that that night. The next day, she heads to her parents ' Aspen home and quickly discovers a secret room in the basement. Finding the hidden key, she enters, thrilled by what she finds. Dad catches her and after making her scream, takes advantage. As her life changes, mom joins in and her new life begins. EXCERPT: "Oh my God. Fuck. " Taylor thrashed wildly on the padded bench for over a minute before the convulsions finally died. Shaking her head, she groaned as she pulled the dildo out and reversed the clamps ’ screws, releasing her tortured nipples. Still trembling, she rolled off the bench, and wiped the dildo clean, putting it and the clamps back in the cabinet where she ’d found them. Taylor looked around the large room again, really a dungeon, thinking she didn ’t know anything about her mom and dad---at least nothing about their sex life. Leaving the door open, and still naked, Taylor rushed up the stairs, retrieving her cell. Breathlessly looking through her favorites menu, she pushed the button for Dylan, the most open-minded man she used as a fuck buddy when in Aspen. Dylan answered, "Hey, gorgeous. What ’s up? " "I ’m in back in Aspen. How soon can you be here? I need you. You won ’t believe what I found in mom and dad ’s basement. " "Will I like it? " "Only if you wanna tie me up and abuse me. " "Fuck. Promised mom I ’d do some things for her this morning. Won ’t be free & lsquo;til about one. " "That ’ll work, " purred Taylor. Ending the call, she went back to the room, deciding which bench, type of restraints and flogger she wanted. Dylan rang the bell a little after one, and wearing only a robe and spiked heels, Taylor let him in. Shivering while leading him downstairs, Taylor closed the door and dropping the robe, climbed on the bench. She looked at Dylan. "Buckle the cuffs tight and use the flogger on my tits and pussy. " "Really? " "Really & hellip; get to work. " He fumbled with the restraints, finally getting them done, and Taylor moaned softly while Dylan ’s inexperienced strokes with the leather only tickled her. A minute later, she was disappointed when he dropped the leather and rammed his cock in. "God, baby. This is so hot, " Dylan rasped. "Fuck me hard, lover. " Insane with blind lust, Dylan only lasted a minute. "Fuck. Take it, babe. " "Not yet, lover & hellip; I need more. " "Too late & hellip; oh, God. " Not even close to an orgasm, she felt his cock pumping juices into her, then all hell broke loose, turning Taylor ’s world upside down. Over Dylan ’s roar, Taylor hadn ’t heard the door to the secret room opening. "What the fuck, Taylor, " her father yelled. Blood draining from his face, Dylan yanked his pulsing cock out of her. "S-sorry, sir. This was Taylor ’s idea. " "Get dressed and get the fuck out. Now. Tell anyone about this room and you die. Understand? " "Yes, sir. I won ’t tell. " Juices seeping from her pussy dripped to the floor, and Taylors face turned white. "Sorry, daddy. We were jus...

A.J. Mayes

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9780463203521
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • January 9, 2019
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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