Rebecca's Bi Lovers.  A.J. Mayes

Rebecca's Bi Lovers

By A.J. Mayes

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DESCRIPTION: Rebecca is a woman in her early fifties and one night, her husband paints a picture of another man having sex with her while they make love. The fantasy drives them both insane and after talking about it the next day, Rebecca and Dean decide to make it a reality. Their prime candidate is Damian, a long time friend, and she comes up with a plan to make it happen. Knowing he 's bi only adds to her excitement. EXCERPT: Hearing the phone ’s chirps, Rebecca ’s her heart skipped a beat then raced when she saw her husband ’s face on the caller ID. She slammed her finger against the button. "Hi, honey. I didn ’t expect to hear from you so soon. How ’d it go with Damian? " "Great, sweetie. I told him everything, and after talking about it, we decided only to play nine. He wants to hear it from you & hellip; and if you convince him we ’re serious, he ’s in. " "What? I just got home. Damian ’s coming over, now? " "Yeah, he ’s right behind me. We ’ll be there in fifteen. And honey, he ’s smiling. " "Okay. I ’ll be ready. Don ’t worry & hellip; Damian won ’t know what hit him. " "I ’m sure you ’ll bag him. See ya soon. " After ending the call, Rebecca hurried into the bedroom, stepping into a bikini she ’d purchased while shopping. She tied the thin straps of the nonexistent thong and top and smiled when she looked in the mirror, loving the color of the lime green bikini against her smooth, slightly tanned skin. Rebecca slipped her feet into matching spiked heels, and walked out to the pool, muttering under her breath, "Here we go, Becca. You can do this. " She smiled when Dean strolled out a few minutes later, with Damian right behind him. "Hello, boys. How was golf today? Eventful I hope. " Damian 's eyes roamed over her body in the ridiculously small bikini, admiring her striking curves, thinking the heels made her legs look exquisite, more beautiful than he ever remembered seeing them. "It was eye-popping ... just like your incredible body. Becca, you look stunning. " "Thanks, so do you. So, Dean told you what we want? " "Yeah, we talked about it. " Damian gazed into Rebecca ’s eyes a few seconds. "Are you serious & hellip; you really want this? " "Absolutely. It ’s not just me & hellip; we both want you, " She said, holding his gaze. "Dean and I can be lovers with your blessing? " "Yep & hellip; but you have to fuck me too. " Damian stared at Rebecca a moment, looking for any trace of hesitation or doubt in her eyes. Seeing none, he said, "Well, I ’ll be damned & hellip; you really want us to do this. " She walked over, hugged Damian then tilted her head up and kissed him. During the kiss, she reached down and stroked his hard erection through the shorts. When they ended the kiss, she said, "We ’ll probably all be damned & hellip; but yeah, I want this. " "I believe you do. " Damian turned to Dean. "Okay pal, she convinced me & hellip; I ’m in. "

A.J. Mayes

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9780463796641
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • January 9, 2019
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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