The Sultan's Anthologist - Ibn Abi Hagalah and His Work.  Syrinx von Hees

The Sultan's Anthologist - Ibn Abi Hagalah and His Work

Arabische Literatur und Rhetorik - Elfhundert bis Achtzehnhundert (ALEA)

By Nefeli Papoutsakis (Editor), Syrinx von Hees (Editor)

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Born in Tlemcen and educated in Damascus, the fourteenth-century Arab litterateur Ibn Ab? ?a?alah (725-776/1325-1375) spent most of his adult life in Mamluk Cairo. His best-known works are Sukkard?n as-sul??n (The Sultan's Sugar Box) and D?w?n a?-?ab?bah (The Register of Passionate Love), two anthologies that he dedicated to his patron, the Mamluk Sultan ?asan, during the latter's second reign (755-762/1354-1361). A prolific author and master of the maq?m?t genre, Ibn Ab? ?a?alah also penned numerous other prose works, many of which are lost or still unedited. An acclaimed poet during his own time, he mainly composed panegyric and religious poetry. Even though he is one of the most important litterateurs of the Mamluk era, his work has so far received little scholarly attention.

Syrinx von Hees