Boobarella: A Fairy Tale Retold.  Alex Barton

Boobarella: A Fairy Tale Retold

By Alex Barton

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DESCRIPTION: Anyone who enjoys reading my books might be surprised to see & lsquo;Boobarella & rsquo;. Surely so familiar a tale cannot be an Alex Barton story, written to describe the pleasure of every aspect of anal sex? For anyone with doubts, you will find everything your heart desires has been captured in a deliciously depraved light-hearted divertissement intended to amuse, entertain and, above all, arouse you sufficiently to crave relief. EXCERPT: Oh, Papa, I really don & rsquo;t think I can manage that! & rdquo; Boobarella cried. & ldquo;Not two huge cocks in my cunt at once! & rdquo; & ldquo;Nonsense, my dear, of course you can, & rdquo; said the Duc. & ldquo;Here, your brother and I will help you. & rdquo; Trembling nervously but excited despite her fear she might not be able to accommodate both penises at the same time, Boobarella climbed over the two men and reached down to take their throbbing cocks in her hand, her fingers barely able to stretch round their combined width. Then she lowered herself slowly until the sperm-slick glans of the two men & rsquo;s cocks were positioned at the opening of her cunt, the movement releasing a thick drizzle of her oily cream which slid slowly down their shafts, adding to their lubrication. With a groan of intense pleasure, Boobarella sank down, impaling herself with difficulty on the combined sex organs of her father and brother. As inch after inch of the two upright cocks entered Boobarella & rsquo;s cunt, stretching the walls impossibly wide, the two men began to move their pricks up and down, creating exquisite sensations that made the beautiful young girl almost faint in sexual ecstasy, her arousal heightened even further by feeling the men & rsquo;s swollen balls and wiry pubic hair rubbing sensuously against her extremely sensitive pussylips and between the plumply rounded cheeks of her buttocks with each forceful upward thrust of their hips. Their legs interlocked, plowing their cocks together within the wet depths of Boobarella & #39;s pussy, father and son were not able to caress the heaving mounds of the young girl & rsquo;s breasts and the Duc ordered Boobarella must do it for herself to increase their mutual pleasure. Boobarella did as she was told, lifting and stroking the soft weight of her breasts to her mouth, suckling and biting the stiff pink tip of first one nipple then the other with her lips and teeth, sliding her other hand across her belly to rub the exposed bud of her clitoris, causing her pussy to clasp tightly around the sexes buried deep inside her beautiful and lustful young body. As she did so, she found it all the harder not to cry out with the intense delight which her caresses and the men & #39;s stiff shafts were arousing in her distended cunt. From the growing intensity of their thrusts, Boobarella knew it would not be long before the two men energetically fucking her would find the indescribable pleasure of having the sensitive heads of their cocks rubbing against each other in the tight embrace of her slippery cuntlips quite beyond enduring, and she expected them at any moment to spurt out their hot semen in great gouts, flooding her womb with their thick creamy cum...

Alex Barton

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9780463692325
  • Language:
  • Inglés
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  • Kb
  • Published:
  • January 25, 2019
  • Protection:
  • Sin DRM
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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