The Vicar of Wakefield.  Úna McGuinnes

The Vicar of Wakefield

By Chloe Rose Brown, Úna McGuinnes

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Our story begins in Wakefield, a small town in Yorkshire, in the north of England. The parish was proud of its vicar, Dr. Primrose. This man and his family were a model for everybody. Their lives passed happily and quietly. Thanks to a large personal fortune, the family were quite wealthy. The vicar dedicated his time to improving the parish and helping the poor. It seemed as if nothing could spoil such happiness. Adapted from the novel written by Irish writer Oliver Goldsmith (1724-1774). Published in 1766, it was one of the most popular eighteenth-century novels widely read among the Victorians. English Level B1 Interactive PDF: it has links that allow access from the reading to the glossary and viceversa. 20 original illustrations of the 70s in each title.

Úna McGuinnes

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